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Heather is highly-energized, active, well-connected and visible in Salem.
In the News
Heather has been mentioned by local news agencies:

Salem News 9/2/2015

"...The site review was attended by several city officials, including City Councilors Heather Famico, William Legault and Robert McCarthy, Mayor Kim Driscoll and Planning Director Lynn Duncan."


Salem News 8/24/2015

"...The project also has a working group of city leaders, representatives from National Grid, an officer from the Salem Police Department’s traffic division and more, according to Ward 2 City Councilor Heather Famico.

...“It’s a chance for them to give us some feedback and some information,” Famico said. “It’s collaboration. The last meeting, they (the company) were looking to possibly change a location and time for the project, and we said no, it wouldn’t work. They were accepting of it.”



Salem News 8/12/2015

"...Brick work in general is a big part of our streetscapes and neighborhoods,” said Heather Famico, Ward 2 City Councilor. “You go through our neighborhood, and you see places where bricks are missing, or it goes from brick to concrete.”

... "
Many, Famico included, hail the program as “a chance for another strong public-private partnership.”


Salem News 6/22/2015

"..."We want to be able to preserve as many as we can," Famico said, "but we also have to take safety considerations and finances into mind."

Salem News 5/27/2015

"The site is also affected by its proximity to the Algonquin gas line currently under construction and its presence in a federal flood plain, Ward 2 City Councillor Heather Famico said."
... "

Famico said the club “used to serve a purpose,” but the need is different now. Today, the need rests solely on housing — and the Ward II Social Club site could provide invaluable space.

“What I’d like to see,” she said, “is the site turned into appropriate housing.”

Salem News 4/26/2015

Monday, April 27

Salem: Woman’s Friend Society Meeting, 10 a.m., Emmerton House, 12 Hawthorne Blvd. Woman’s Friend Society holds its quarterly meeting. After the business meeting, Ward 2 City Councilor Heather Famico will speak, followed by lunch at noon. For more information, call 978-744-2137.


​​Salem News 4/13/2015


"Ward 2 Councilor Heather Famico, who lives on Essex Street and represents that area, is looking at the Port of San Francisco for inspiration in establishing set areas for entertainment. 


The Fisherman’s Wharf Street Performer Program has been in place since 2007. The local port commission manages time, place and type of use for different live performance areas in the port.


Famico believes individual locations, instead of everyone milling together along the pedestrian mall on Essex Street, would help prevent the typical cacophony of sound, improve overall sound quality and reduce some of people’s concerns." ...


​​Salem News 4/10/2015

"“Bridge Street Neck is a great place to live and is becoming even better with the addition of redevelopments such as this, Remond Park, and a newly formed neighborhood association,” Famico said."

​​Salem News 3/29/2015
"Before any changes are made permanent, Ward 2 Councilor Heather Famico wants to see actual data to back up the recommendation. She voted against the initial trial earlier this month partly for that reason and has raised questions about a lack of data since then."

​​Salem News 3/23/2015
"Ward 2 Councilor Heather Famico, who represents that neighborhood, was noncommittal about the proposal.


“I think the [developer] needs to work with the neighborhood a little bit more and the city planning staff,” said Famico. “It could be good if designed and developed appropriately.”

Famico met with the Federal Street Neighborhood Association last week and said neighbors are still concerned about the size and design of the building, along with access to a historical right of way for neighborhood residents who live behind the property on River and Beckford streets."

​​Salem News 3/18/2015
"Ward 2 Councilor Heather Famico, who represents much of the downtown area, said service has improved somewhat the past couple weeks as snow has begun to melt, but residents on many narrow streets are still lodging complaints"

​​Salem News 3/16/2015

"Famico, Eppley and Siegel wanted to to discuss the plan further in committee before taking any action, but Robert McCarthy pointed out school would be out for summer by the time any changes could pass through the full legislative process with the council.

“Lafayette is already backed up,” said Famico, noting she often uses the cut-through when coming from South Salem. “Other than Canal Street, there’s really nowhere (for northbound traffic) to go.”

​​Salem News 3/11/2015
"Ward 2 Councilor Heather Famico, who supports the measure, said the task is just to craft a “financially feasible” plan. She pointed to other instances of repeated malicious damage to play structures at other playgrounds."


​​Salem News 2/27/2015

"“I’m sad I won’t be able to buy my Christmas Tree there anymore [at Highland Gardens], but that land needs to be developed,” said Ward 2 Councilor Heather Famico, adding that Salem needs more family-friendly businesses and activities. Most of the land slated for development has been vacant for decades."


​​Salem News 1/18/2015

"“The Remond siblings paved the way for our Commonwealth to have its first black governor and our nation to have its first black president,” said Ward 2 City Councilor Heather Famico. “The naming of our newest park after them is another example of Salem honoring its history as it continues to move forward.”"

​​Salem News 10/24/2014
"...The shells are made of plasterboard and plywood. One had been used in years past, but this year City Councilor Heather Famico proposed erecting a second on the other side of the fountain from Village Tavern, to help the music carry further.

Council members gave their go-ahead, and two shells were built with help from members of The Gathering church, including Wyman and Dennis Huxley, as well as Aaron Zev Katz, music director at the Plummer Home. Kids from the Plummer Home’s On Point program also helped. Both shells have been donated to the city.

Famico, who lives on Essex Street, said she’d checked out a performance using the shells last weekend and was impressed with how everything had worked out.

“It was absolutely awesome,” she said. “It brought back the Halloween spirit there. Music in general makes people smile and brings people out.”


​​Salem News 10/22/2014
..."Many state and local officials were on hand for Tuesday’s announcement, including state Sen. Joan Lovely, state Rep. Ted Speliotis and Salem city councilors Bill Legault, Heather Famico, Josh Turiel, Joe O’Keefe and David Eppley.

​​Salem News 09/23/2014
"The vote against the first proposal was 8 to 2, with Councilors Beth Gerard and Heather Famico the lone voices of support for Driscoll’s plan. The second proposal was also voted down by an 8-2 margin, with only Councilors Famico and Bill Legault in support. Councilor Elaine Milo did not attend the meeting."

​​Salem News 09/21/2014
"“Hopefully, no matter what, it will get to the citizens to make a decision,” said Councilor Heather Famico. “I think, ultimately, you owe it to the citizens you represent to at least give them ability to vote on it.”

Famico said she would also support taking the position out of civil service, as she had before. But another councilor, Elaine Milo, said she was against the move."

​​Salem News 09/12/2014
"On the local side, police Chief Paul Tucker, a candidate for Salem state representative, was present, as were City Councilors Bill Legault and Heather Famico, and Rinus Oosthoek, executive director of the Salem Chamber of Commerce."

​​Salem News 08/27/2014
"Among those attending the ceremony were Coast Guard Rear Admiral Linda Fagan, state Sen. Joan Lovely, Mayor Kim Driscoll, and Councilors Elaine Milo, Heather Famico, Joe O’Keefe and Bill Legault."

​​Salem News 08/07/2014
"Recent dousees have included Beverly Mayor Mike Cahill, state Sen. Joan Lovely, Salem City Councilor Heather Famico, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (like Frates, a graduate of Boston College, and several members of the Boston Bruins. A few Salem News staffers have even gotten in on the action."

Salem News 07/10/2014
"The Salem roster is shaping up with Councilors Bob McCarthy, Heather Famico, Todd Siegel, David Eppley, Josh Turiel, Beth Gerard, Joe O’Keefe, Bill Legault and Elaine Milo, city engineer David Knowlton, Building Commissioner Tom St. Pierre, assistant building inspector Mike Lutrzykowski, city electrician John Giardi, Human Resources director Lisa Cammarata, mayor’s chief of staff Dominick Pangallo and Public Works employees Ray Jodoin and Steve Osgood"

Salem News 07/04/2014

"Yet with the exception of Ward 2 representative Heather Famico, when union members and their families packed its chamber to demand things stay the same, the current council complied."

Salem News 03/21/2014
"As many have discovered over the years, the mayor doesn’t back off from a fight and doesn’t wave the white flag easily. So, firefighters and police officers who last week cowed city councilors (with the exception of Ward 2’s Heather Famico) into backing off on Driscoll’s proposal to take the chiefs’ jobs out of civil service might want to hold off on their celebrations."

Salem News 03/07/2014

"Of the handful of people who opted to speak at the hearing, most did so in favor of the current plan for the pipeline, including City Councilors Josh Turiel, Heather Famico and Joe O’Keefe; City Engineer David Knowlton and Salem Harbormaster Bill McHugh."

Salem News 01/10/2014

"Animal Control Officer Don Famico saw his daughter, Heather, being sworn in as the new Ward 2 city councilor."

Salem News 01/09/2014

"The other portable generator in the city — a 300-kilowatt model — benefited the building at 191 Essex St., which houses the Trolley Depot. Incoming Ward 2 City Councilor Heather Famico, a resident of that building, said the lights went out while she was at work on Tuesday. She spent the night at her parents’ house. Beforehand, she checked on conditions at The Essex, where many of her constituents live, as does her aunt."

Salem News 01/07/2014
"The changing face of the City Council was symbolized yesterday by the seating arrangement on the stage of the middle school auditorium. The four new councilors, several of whom rode the wave of change into office, sat side by side — Beth Gerard (Ward 6), Heather Famico (Ward 2), David Eppley (Ward 4), and Elaine Milo (at-large)."

Salem News 12/31/2013
"In what may have been the biggest upset, Heather Famico, a 27-year-old teacher, soundly defeated longtime Ward 2 Councilor Mike Sosnowski, whose name had been mentioned as a future mayoral hopeful."

Salem News 12/19/2013
"Firstly, best wishes to all in this last column before Christmas. And special thanks to Ward 2 Councilor-elect Heather Famico for the fantastic and nostalgia-invoking photo of a wintry scene in Salem’s East India Square. Nothing like the holiday season on the North Shore, although it was also a treat to play golf in 78-degree weather here in the Grand Canyon State while the snow piled up back east on Tuesday."

Salem News 12/11/2013
"The next council will have four new members — Heather Famico in Ward 2, David Eppley in Ward 4, Beth Gerard in Ward 6, and Elaine Milo, a councilor-at-large. Another member, Councilor-at-large Bill Legault, is also newly elected, but has been on the council this year, serving out the term of former Councilor Joan Lovely."

Salem News 11/15/2013
"Few could have been prouder of Heather Famico’s victory in the race for the Ward 2 seat on the Salem City Council than her aunt, Frances Grace. The latter, a school bus driver at the time, became one of the first women to serve on that body when she was elected in 1975."

Salem News 11/07/2013
And Famico, a 27-year-old teacher, captured 56 percent of the vote to roll over veteran Ward 2 Councilor Mike Sosnowski, often rumored as a mayoral hopeful."

Salem News 11/06/2013
"In Ward 2, Famico was Sosnowski’s first challenger in a decade. Seeking a sixth term, Sosnowski had raised more money than any other city council or school committee candidate this fall.

Famico beat Sosnowksi by a sizable margin, 745 to 543."

Salem News 11/06/2013
"In a day of upsets, Heather Famico scored the knockout heard ’round the city.

Famico, a 27-year-old schoolteacher in her first campaign, defeated Mike Sosnowski, a 65-year-old lobsterman and former council president who has been the voice of Ward 2 for a decade.


Famico took both precincts to win the Ward 2 council seat, 745 to 543."

Salem News 10/31/2013

"To the editor:

Heather Famico has already been very helpful for us. I was at the playground in Collins Cove (across from our current councilor’s house) and noticed that some of the equipment was broken and looking rather dangerous, particularly the “shaky bridge,” which was broken in a few areas.


I emailed both Heather and my current councilor about this. I did not hear anything from our current councilor, but Heather spoke to someone at the Parks and Recreation Department, and they came to tape the area off. After repeated issues with the tape being torn down, Heather asked for a more permanent solution, and soon after, the Parks and Recreation Department installed metal gates to block access to the broken bridge.

We love our park and beach, but we find that even though our councilor lives directly in view of it, it continues to be a bit of a mess. Underage drinking occurs at the stairwell right outside his door, and those kids smash their bottles against the sea wall causing the beach to be littered with glass. There are lots of families and dog owners that use this park and beach every day, and it should be in better shape.

Heather went well above what I expected to see for a candidate and did things that I wish my current councilor was already doing. She was communicative and extremely responsive via email and phone. It would be great to have a “connected councilor” like this in Ward 2, where I know many people prefer reaching out via email or social media.

Jared Robinson"

Salem News 10/31/2013
..."I am supporting Heather Famico, because she is the way forward for Salem’s future and will clearly be an independent voice on a City Council sorely needing one who can clearly evaluate both sides of issues as they come along to best serve her Ward 2 constituents. Please join me in helping her get elected to this important seat on Nov. 5."

Salem News 10/31/2013
"Among those we would recommend for election to the City Council next week are Heather Famico (Ward 2), David Eppley (Ward 4), Elaine Milo (at-large) and Norene Gachignard (at-large, formerly of the school board)."

Salem News 10/30/2013

"His challenger, Heather Famico, a 27-year-old schoolteacher making her first run for office, has raised about $4,000 — or less than a third of Sosnowski’s total."

Salem News 10/26/2013

"I take the responsibility of democracy seriously, which means holding our leaders accountable, voicing your opinions, reading about what’s at stake and engaging with all citizens, not some, as to how we can best move Salem forward, together. I believe that the offerings from candidates like Milo, Gachignard, Legault, Eppley, Famico, Gerard, Johnson, Hunt and Schultz are beyond worthy — they are hungry to bridge the gap between young and old, they have skin in the game, and they all want your vote. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of these candidates, take advantage of the tools and pages on, which outlines who these people are, where they have been campaigning and their visions for the future of Salem."

Salem News 10/25/2013

"SALEM — Heather Famico, who is running for the Ward 2 City Council seat, has deep roots in the community.


Her father, Don Famico, is the city’s part-time animal control officer. Her aunt, Frances Grace, is a former city councilor. Her uncle, John Famico, ran a barbershop downtown. And her grandfather, Frank Famico, was manager of the old Goldsmith’s News Agency." ... 

Salem News 08/02/2013

..."Fortuitously, off-duty animal control officer Don Famico arrived at the scene with his daughter Heather Famico, a candidate for the Ward 2 City Council seat, who was riding shotgun — so to speak.

The Family Famico cornered the gallivanting goose in a gully near the Jefferson at Salem Station apartments, wrapped it in a blanket and took it over to Collins Cove. As Heather drove, Don sat next to her with the goose cradled in his lap. Once they got near Szetela Lane, they walked it down a plank and into the water.

Oh, if only this weren’t all true.

Anyway, the goose is safe and Ward 2 Councilor Mike Sosnowski, the friendly fisherman, may have a fight on his hands."

Salem News 07/31/2013
" Ward 2: Michael Sosnowski* and Heather Famico"


Salem News 07/21/2013

"In Ward 1, former at-large councilor Steven Pinto has pulled papers to challenge incumbent Councilor Robert McCarthy. In Ward 2, Heather Famico, niece of former Councilor Frances Grace, has pulled papers to challenge incumbent Councilor Michael Sosnowski"

​​Salem News 7/20/2013

"In Ward 2, Councilor Michael Sosnowski has one challenger: Heather Famico, niece of former City Councilor (1976-1989) Frances Grace and daughter of Don Famico, the city’s animal control officer."

Salem News 6/4/2013

"In Ward 2, Councilor Michael Sosnowski has one challenger: Heather Famico, niece of former City Councilor (1976-1989) Frances Grace and daughter of Don Famico, the city’s animal control officer."


Salem News 6/4/2013

"It’s possible Salem could have one or more female city councilors next year, as three women have pulled papers to run: Gina Flynn in Ward 4, Beth Gerard in Ward 6 and Heather Famico in Ward 2. Candidates have until July 30 to return signed nomination papers for the November election."


Salem News 5/24/2013

"...Hence, as well, the emergence of strong challengers to two of the most notorious nabobs of negativity (to use a phrase coined by another deceased politician, former Nixon Vice President Spiro T. Agnew) in both Salem and Peabody.


In the Witch City, veteran Ward 2 Councilor Mike Sosnowski faces the fight of his career against political novice Heather Famico (whose Facebook page, by the way, features a fabulous photo of the rampant eagle that adorns the old custom house on Central Street). Meanwhile the representative of Peabody’s Ward 2, Arthur Athas, is being challenged by a veteran of that city’s political wars, Peter McGinn, whose brother served on the council and has worked on several mayoral campaigns including those of the late Peter Torigian and Mike Bonfanti.


The Famico and McGinn candidacies, like former state representative Tom Walsh’s bid for councilor-at-large in Peabody, may represent a welcome turn by voters toward those with a desire to lead rather than pander, and against those candidates who simply have an ax to grind."


Salem News 4/26/2013

"Heard there was a great turnout that included many prominent Salemites at Ward 2 City Council candidate Heather Famico’s campaign kickoff at Red’s Sandwich Shop the other day."


Salem Gazette 4/23/2013


















Salem News 4/12/2013

" ... Heather Famico will kick off her campaign for the Ward 2 seat on the Salem City Council on Sunday, April 21, at 5 p.m. at Red’s Sandwich Shop."


Salem News 4/4/2013

"Heather Famico, niece of former City Councilor (1976-1989) Frances Grace and daughter of Don Famico, the city’s animal control officer, has pulled papers for Ward 2 city councilor. Incumbent Mike Sosnowski has not taken out papers to date."


Salem News 3/29/2013

"The lack of any women on the 11-member Salem City Council remains an embarssment. But one of the first of her gender to serve, Frances Grace, may have a hand in rectifying that situation. Her niece, Heather Famico, is challenging incumbent Mike Sosnowski for the Ward 2 seat on that body, and as former colleagues and those who covered her political career can attest, Grace does not back down from a fight."


Salem Gazette 3/29/2013















Salem News 3/23/2013

"Salem’s not-so-classy Ward 2 councilor, Mike Sosnowski, who claimed he was “blackmailed” into supporting the new senior center that he described as “the worst thing we could do” before voting in favor of it last week, has an opponent. She’s Heather Famico, a Salem native and graduate of St. Michael’s College who, like many others, was very much in favor of replacing the outdated senior center with a modern facility that will help bring new life to the weed-strewn lot at the corner of Bridge and Boston streets."


Salem Patch 3/18/2013

Intention to run in Ward 2






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